ndMail Announced

Is your inbox crammed with messages that need attention? Do you add folders to outlook in an attempt to file important messages related to matters that no one else can see?
Welcome to ndMail, the easy way to manage your inbox. ndMail is an add-on to the Net Documents Cloud Document Management system that allows you to quickly file incoming email to its corresponding matter for everyone in your organization to see. Some of the features include:

  • Predictive One Click Filing
  • De-Duplication
  • Folder Mapping from outlook to Net Docs
  • Global filing indicator

Created from the ground up, ndMail makes it possible to manage the client electronic matter file exclusively in the NetDocuments cloud. Relying on machine learning insights from content in the electronic matter file for your client or project, filing recommendations are immediately suggested. ndMail can also map Outlook folders to NetDocuments filing locations.