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Amicus Attorney - Utah certified consutant

Timeslips Utah Certified Consultant

Utah - Amicus Attorney Law Firm Practice Management softwareThe Worlds most widely used practice management software... Amicus Attorney improves the efficiency and profitability of law firms by organizing and integrating all of their essential information into a single system.

Utah - Law Firm Management SoftwareRated as one of the most comprehensive accounting software packages available to law firms today. PCLaw is a fully integrated time, billing and accounting package.

Utah - Worldox Law Office Software World Class Document Management software. Your entire firms documents can be available instantly and at your fingertips. Never waste time looking for lost files again.
Utah - Timeslips - Law Firm Management SoftwareTurns Time into money. Timeslips provides a powerful, well established feature set that is presented in a user-friendly interface, making Timeslips 2006 an incredibly capable and flexible product that requires very little time to learn.
Utah - Paperless Law Office
Turns paper documents into electronic searchable pdf documents. This versatile program in partner with a scanner allows you to "scan and drop" your documents into almost any electronic format, including the ever popular searchable pdf. It comes standard with many scanners. You have to see it to believe it!
Utah - Law Firm TechnologyYou are mobile. Your important office data is mobile too. How many cell phone conversations have you let go unbilled? Keep your calendar, contacts, and important information updated with the office when you are away from the office. Capture billable events right on your phone wherever you are!
Utah Law Firm TechnologyDropbox is a cloud based hard drive. Load dropbox on your phone, office and home computers, laptop and iPad, and you can have access to all your files from any location. You can also easily share files with others that are too big to email. With 2 GB free, you can quickly see how dropbox can become a great way to store, backup and transfer important files. Click on the blue box to setup a free account.

Law Office Software Solutions

Having problems staying organized? Discover the tools successful law firms use to provide a higher level of service to their clients. Discover how working with a Certified Consultant can make implementing these tools a huge success that affects your bottom line each day. Time Matters®,Timeslips™, Amicus Attorney™, PCLaw™, Worldox™, Hotdocs™ are just some of the products we work with. We serve law firms nationwide.
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"SmartLaw has helped me capture an additional hour per day in billable time! They have also saved my office staff countless hours in lost productivity."

William M. Jeffs
Jeffs and Jeffs, P.C.
Provo, Utah


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"After 30 years of running my own law firm with a secretary and paralegal I decided to downsize and specialize. It necessitated reducing my staff and I was troubled that I could not personally handle the time and billing matters as well as the day to day organizational aspects of a law practice. The combination of Amicus & PCLaw creates an incredible tool that has made time and billing and organizational matters a breeze. It provides fingertip retrieval of documents, notes, and fee information as well as calendar and conflicts control. It can be set up for the sole practitioner or a multi attorney law firm as well. Additionally, the support provided by Steve Blonquist has been impeccable. I highly recommend these products and Smart Law Business Consulting."

Anthony DiPietro
Attorney at Law
Pleasant Grove, Utah



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Utah Law Office Partner BenefitsPartner Benefits:

Reduce Under Billing- Some billable minutes go unbilled because of general disorganization, or the hassle of billing the minutes isn't worth the time it takes to bill them. Our practice management tools automatically capture those small increments of under-billed time, and makes sure they get billed. That really adds up over time. Some of our clients have increased billed time by an average of one hour, per day, per attorney!

Group Calendaring- Most of our clients are amazed at how easy and effective we make group calendaring. Stop feeling frustrated at trying to track down the schedules of every key person in your firm to schedule a meeting. Your time is too valuable to be making phone calls to try to arrange an agreeable meeting time. Your software should do that for you! It can.

Fast & Efficient Document Management- What was the longest you or a staffer ever spent trying to find a document? Either in hard or soft copy? How much time gets wasted in your firm each week on hunting for documents? What does that waste and inefficiency cost you? Our document management tools can help your office go paperless or partially paperless. Documents are stored electronically, and can be found instantly with a few mouse clicks…every time.

Conflict Checking- How much time goes unbilled in your firm each year, because you found a conflict after you had already started work? How much time is spent doing the actual conflict checking? It shouldn't be that way. You should be able to perform accurate conflict checking in a few seconds before an initial consultation with a prospective new client. You can. Ask us how.

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Smart Phones- We can synchronize your smart phone with your law office tools. You can track time, take notes, schedule appointments or calls all on your phone. When entered, all appointments, contacts, to do's and related notes get transferred, billable time is logged and passed directly to your billing software, ready to be billed. All automatically.

Bill More, Spend Less- If you can do that… your practice is going in the right direction. A properly automated law office pays for itself over an over again in real cost savings. Wasted time, and inefficiency equals less office staff. Increased automation increases billable time, which generates more revenue.

Peace of Mind- Is your office running on old outdated software? Or software that was never intended to automate a law office? Word, Outlook & QuickBooks is not a law practice management suite! Not only are you losing money to inefficiency waste and under billing, you are living with unnecessary frustrations. Don't settle. Most of our new clients are stunned when we demo our solutions. Our most common question is, "You can do that?" Yes we can. Make the jobs of partners and staff much easier and hassle free.

Happier Office Staff- Check the benefits to Office Managers and Staff below to see how we can make your support staff much happier. Let us make your office efficient. They will love you for it!

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Utah Law office Manager BenefitsOffice Manager Benefits:
Someone To Call For Help - If you are tired of calling for support on your software tools only to find you have been routed overseas to someone with an accent you cannot understand… then call us instead. Our support solutions are faster, better than support packages from the software makers. Often we will login remotely to fix your problem in minutes. Did you know that most law office software companies stop supporting older versions of software completely? This forces you into an expensive upgrade. We support all versions! Best of all we are local.

Reduce Down Time- What happens when something goes wrong? Maybe its data corruption? Maybe something got mis-configured? Maybe you need the software to do something but can't figure it out. Staying up until three in the morning just to get the bills out is no-ones idea of fun. We can make life easier. We provide troubleshooting on the phone, on-site and best of all… remotely over the Internet. We can log into your system over the Internet (don't worry, it is totally secure!) and fix problems directly.

Reduce Data Entry- Are partners in your firm tracking time on scraps of paper that you need to manually enter into the billing software? Do you ever have to enter the same data in more than one place? Please… say it ain't so! It doesn't have to be. The flow of important data can be done automatically. The case management software used by the partners automatically tracks their time. It gets transferred directly into the billing software. Everything is beautiful. Like it is supposed to be. And guess what? Less errors. Smooth billing cycle.

Get Training- Were you thrown into job and left to try to figure out how to use the software tools on your own? And the manual? Yeah. Right. What would happen if someone came in, set up all your software properly, and then showed you exactly how to use it? It would make your life easier, and you could get a lot more done. What about new hires? You have never had training, and now you are training them? There is a better way. We can train you, your staff and… wait for it… even the partners properly on the software. You know that feeling of frustration you often feel? It's going away…

Do Everything Faster- Right now you spend way too much time and frustration solving problems that shouldn't be happening in the first place. Too much time entering data manually. Too much time finding documents. It is making you crazy. A properly automated law office runs like a dream. We can make it happen.

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We serve the entire State of Utah: Salt Lake City, Logan, Ogden, Provo, Orem, American Fork, Cedar City, Moab, Price, Utah County, Davis County, Vernal, Tooele, Bountiful, Sandy, Draper, West Jordan, Lindon. Yep. The whole state.